Residual Income Opportunity

Affiliate Platform

Besides crazy discounts, what's the next best thing?  Making money!  Introducing our all new Residual Income platform thru our Affiliate Membership.  Signup as an Affiliate and get access to the residual platform to make money off every new Affiliate you refer to the TD Discount Club.  How's a trip to Thailand for 9 days at $1499.00 with airfare included sound?  You'll have access to 100's of those trips as well...only available to travel agents.  You will also have access to a home based business platform to earn commissions as well as other affiliate platforms to create numerous revenue sources.  You will also receive a free vacation when you signup for the Annual Affiliate Membership along with your own personal webpage to promote your residual income businesses and to market to sign up your own affiliates.


Earn $15 monthly residual per affiliate referred and signed up at the Affiliate Member level. Refer 15 friends as Affiliates and receive a monthly check for $225.00

Making money with the TD Discount Club Affiliate Program is simply that easy!

Get your money now!